I’ll Never Make That Mistake Again

I am writing this with great urgency and anger this morning, and I plan to begin immediately without any specific introduction, other than the fact that the hypocrisy in today’s world is laughable.

If ‘The Simpsons’ replaced the Quilloughby character with any other mainstream pop star and slandered them in that way – there would be an outroar by the public and the artist alike. But again, because it is Morrissey, it is disturbingly accepted by the masses. Not only was it mean-spirited, but they also made him out to be everything he opposes. It heavily lacked any ounce of creativity or humour and was most likely made in an attempt to make the show relevant again. They failed. The same people attacking him for being upset at the episode are the same people who preach for mental health awareness. One cannot support that whilst simultaneously tearing somebody down. It is heartless and cruel.

When was it ever deemed amusing to be uncreative? The Simpson’s cannot fight back with the fact that it was created as a parody – as that would imply it was comedic. Their entire show is more of a tragedy merely because it exists.

Many hungry journalists, who do not do any research, rush to write articles about Morrissey’s response – despite the fact he had not even commented on the subject at that point in time. I am a student journalist, and even I would know to make sure the statement is official before writing an entire article. But after all, they bite anything they can chew. And the article would have been the same no matter what he had said. I certainly do not rush to obsessively write about somebody I claim I do not like by any means.

I will keep this short. Nobody wants to hear a 20-year-old poorly construct their thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon. I cannot write an article very well – that I know. But at least I did not create that unartistic, unoriginal trash that aired two nights ago.


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