Submissions for Issue 4 are now OPEN. The deadline is November 10th.


Submissions can be anything from artwork to describing your favourite piece of memorabilia! We are looking for stories/articles that other fans will feel engaged in whilst reading. If you are planning on submitting a piece, consider if this is something you would like to read yourself. Below are a few ideas if you are stuck for thought, but would still like to contribute! These are by no means the only articles we are accepting; new ideas are strongly encouraged.

Please email to discuss submission ideas BEFORE you begin writing your piece.

Guide for Submissions:

• If writing an article, please ensure your work is between 200-1000 words.

• Feel free to include any images you have taken yourself – but we are unable to include any photo that you have not taken due to copyright. You can find images to support your article on copyright free sites, such as Pixabay, if you do not have any you have taken.

• Be sure to enquire about your article idea before you start writing, incase somebody else has already written something similar.


Please send all submissions to

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